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Southside Groups:  Things to Know

Fall 2023

This Fall, we are here for you and your group with three great opportunities! 

Men's Retreat will be hosting our first ever Men's Retreat on September 8-10 at Woodlands Camp in Cleveland, GA.  This will be an excellent opportunity to connect with men in your group as well as an opportunity to invite a friend.  Gavin Adams will be speaking, and we have a lot of fun activities planned.  So get ready.  For more information check out this link.

Growth Groups are ALL NEW.  Growth Groups are 9-month experiences that meet once per month for nine months.  These are more intensive than community groups and require preparation between meetings.  They are designed to help people focus on spiritual growth.  If you or someone in your group is looking to take the next step and super charge your faith, a growth group may be the right opportunity for you.

Discover is a new environment for people who haven't yet connected in community.  It is an opportunity to connect with the local lead pastor at your campus and find out more about Southside, our vision, where we're going, and how to get involved.  If you know someone who is looking to learn more and take a step, Discover is the right place for them.

Missions our global(x) missions team is going to Mérida, Mexico in January.  If you would like to attend time is running out to sign up so let us know as soon as possible.