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If your house has ever had a busted pipe, you know what a hassle that is. Whether it’s faulty plumbing or just wear and tear, it doesn’t really matter in the end. What matters is the water that was supposed to be inside the pipe is now on the outside. Our emotions work the same way. When they’re maintained the right way, everything runs pretty smoothly. But when we let emotions get outside where they’re supposed to be, we can cause damage with our words and our actions.

Our emotions are designed to tell us where we are, not to be our main guide for where we need to be. Being emotionally healthy begins with identifying and clarifying what we’re feeling in the first place. It also includes being willing to share with someone when our emotions are gaining too much of a stronghold. In this session, we’ll walk through an exercise that helps us better pinpoint what emotions we’re feeling so we can better understand what to do with them.

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