Great Leaders Never Stop Learning

As you lead your group, it is important to remember your goal: to create an environment where people can experience authentic community and spiritual growth.

We have discovered four leader essentials to help your group be successful: stay connected, cultivate relationships, share ownership, and provide care.

As a leader, it is helpful to know the win for each member of your group: to take a step spiritually and further engage in the life and mission of the local church.

We want our groups to be places where we foster conversation and learn from those around us.

You want to have a safe and predictable environment, but how is that created?

Group Leadership Basics

60 Seconds on Questions

Ask a Better Question

Going Deeper with Your Group

How to Care for a Group Member

Safe and Predictable

Authentic Relationship vs. Spiritual Growth

What is Communion

Meet People Where They Are

Emphasizing Prayer in Your Group

Community is Messy

Community is Messy

Difficult Group Members

Getting People to Commit

Accountability in Community

Tensions in Group Leadership

Dealing with Anxiety & Depression

Marital Issues in Group

When Faith & Politics Collide

Pursuing Health