Two Roads - Session 3

Who Am I?

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This week, we’re going to experience someone’s story of living in the Room of Good Intentions and the Room of Grace. Stories are helpful. Jesus taught us in stories because He knew that they would help us access truth in a different way than a list of instructions.

Weekly Timeline

5 Days Ahead of Time

  • Email the group welcoming them and providing links to that week's content.

1 Day Ahead of Time

  • Send a reminder message including the time and location of the group

During the Group

  • Warm-up Questions:

        1. If practicality or income wasn’t an issue, what would be your dream job?

      • Check-in questions:

        1. Last week we talked about practical, tangible ways we can start taking off our masks. How did that play out this past week? If you didn’t take the step you chose last week, what do you think held you back?

        2. What stood out to you this week, either from our conversation last time or the Digging Deeper material? What questions came up?

  • Watch the Two Roads Session 3 Video

  • Use the Two Roads - Session 3 Discussion Guide for the remainder of the group time.

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