Better Together (Marriage)

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We all have some version of a marriage "toolbox." It's filled with things we saw our parents do, things we've learned from other couples we know, or maybe things we've seen in movies. And when life gets tough, we instinctively reach into the toolbox to figure out what to do and how to respond. But those things may or may not be helpful. 

Each week we'll give you another "tool" to put in your "toolbox" so you're better prepared when tough times come. Justin and Allison Elam will introduce five common frustrations in marriage and how to work through them. They'll also share a habit or tool that can strengthen your relationship. Then, you'll hear from a couple who has worked through their own challenges to become better together.

Session 1
Better Understanding

Session 2
Better Understanding

Session 3
Better Perspective

Session 4
Better You

Session 5
Better Time Together

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